Tips to create a better photographer profile

If you are a successful photographer or you want to become one, primfactor is a platform where you can create a profile, upload up to 10 of your best photos, links to 1 or 2 videos (one from Youtube and one from Vimeo) to can better present your business, and all of your details.
This is a very simple way to launch your business on the market for free, without buying any Hosting, Domain or asking for a Web Development company to create a presentational website for you (this version imply a lot of costs).

We do all the promoting stuff, and take care of you profile.

Our job is to connect you with potential clients without any effort from your side.

If you decide to create this profile you need first to Register at this link.
After registration, you can create the profile. Take care to select the Photographer category.
We allow people to search and filter on the first page specifically for photographers in a specific area (country and town) so don't get the wrong category (even so, you can change it later, after your profile will be approved).

When creating a profile we advice you to respect some of the best practices listed here:
  • Your profile has to be in the language you want to be found by your clients. If your audience is formed by english people, or people who can talk on a daily basis English, then write your copy in english. If your targeted people speak German, then write your description in german.
  • Description has to be as long as possible. At least 4-5 paragraphs. It will help for Search Engines to get indexed faster and better. (SEO things - we are sure you heard about them)
  • Before to upload up to 10 images on your profile (and after your profile is approved), don’t forget to name your photos with words that better describe your activity.
    If you do photography then name your images like: best-photographer-from-town.jpg, or professional-photographer-london.jpg (if you are in London). You get it! The extension of the image doesn't matter;
  • If you have a fixed location where you can meet clients, add your exact address and check the link from your public profile to be sure your client will know exactly where to come when they will have a meeting aranged with you;
  • After you create your profile and uploaded images help your profile a bit by pushing your link on all the Social platforms you can. We created a few Share buttons under primfactor logo from your Public profile which will do this with one click.